News Flash: Dick Cheney Is Still Richer Than You Are

dick%20cheney.jpgEarlier this afternoon, Dick Cheney and Lynne Cheney released their 2005 federal income tax return. It shows that the Cheneys were entitled to a refund of almost $2 million. So Cheney, who used to run this little mom-and-pop outfit called Halliburton, is still filthy stinking rich.

(Also, the Cheneys' daughter Mary is still a lesbian. John Kerry asked us to tell you that.)

The text of the tax return news release is available here. It goes into way too much detail about a Gift Administration Agreement and some complex shenanigans involving charitable contributions. All we want to know is: How much did Lynne earn in royalties from Sisters?

(Yeah, we know, it's out of print. And we think that is just SO WRONG.)

The White House also released the Bushes' tax return. But they're not as rich as the Cheneys, so we're not really interested. (In case you're curious, the Bushes had adjusted gross income of $735,180 in 2005, and they paid $187,768 in federal taxes.)

Cheney Releases Tax Returns Friday Afternoon Before Easter [Raw Story]

Bushes Pay $187,768 in Taxes for 2005 [AP]


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