News of a Very Small World

A tipster writes to clear up all that earlier confusion on what newspaper Michael Chertoff was reading when he saw the headline saying that "New Orleans Dodged a Bullet," and then apparently thought to himself, "Phew, so I won't be coordinating that whole disaster relief thingamee after all. Wonder if there's a matinee show of 'The 40-Year-Old Virgin.' " Over to you, tipster:

Saw your post about Chertoff saying NOLA dodged a bullet...Gen Myers just said the same at the Pentagon briefing, referencing newspaper reports.

It's simple, really. The White House, weary of the malicious falsehoods of the liberal media, now prints its own newspapers. Other sample headlines from last Tuesday's edition: Baghdad Citizens Endorse Constitution and Personal Retirement Accounts"; "Sean Hannity Win Nobel Prize for Literature"; "Clint Black Coldcocks Seymour Hersh"; and "Texas Rangers Win World Series . . . in August."


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