News That Isn't

* People have a totally retarded idea about what's important in a president. [WP]

* The YouTube debate makes something stupid even stupider. [USAT]

* The DCCC's feeling generous and will be happy to pay off your car. [The Hill]

* Barry Obama has forgotten that people without papers can't vote, but man, wouldn't it be great if they could? Let's get somebody on that. [WT]

* Bush will soon have to invade his hometown of New Haven, Connecticut to get rid of the scourge of Mexicans streaming there now that they're giving away free houses and stuff. [WT]

* Small donors are making it so that candidates have to be more egalitarian in their pandering. [LAT]

* The thing about being in the majority is that the country will put up with your bullshit for a long, long time. [USAT]

* PACs try what candidates have been doing for centuries to raise money: lie to people. [BG]


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