Proof That Joe Lieberman Was Ratf*cker For The GOP Surfaces In New Book By ... Joe Lieberman

Under no circumstances, should you buy this fraud’s new book.

You probably recall the basic details from the 2006 Connecticut Senate race. Incumbent Democrat Joe Lieberman lost his primary race to an actual liberal, Ned Lamont. Lieberman had voted for the disastrous Iraq War, which he still supported, but many had. To stand out, he sucked on a variety of other issues, including his opposition to affirmative action and openness to privatizing Social Security. The state was steadily shifting to the left since Bill Clinton defeated George H.W. Bush in 1992. Lieberman was no longer the best fit, and Democratic primary voters agreed.

However, Lieberman wouldn't accept the voters' decision. He started his own "political party," the humbly titled Conneecticut for Lieberman, and narrowly defeated Lamont and Republican Alan Schlesinger. Lieberman's successful spoiler campaign is why we don't have a public option.

Lieberman has a new book out called “The Centrist Solution," which I presume explains why wanting a better book isn't realistic. He reveals in an interview with The Hartford Courant how he pulled off his surprise comeback with a little help from his fiend, Karl Rove.

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State/Local Politics

Good Morning, Here's Rudy Giuliani Playing With Zoom Filters And Trying To Talk British Again

NSFW just kidding, but you still shouldn't watch it where people can see.

Remember a few weeks ago when Rudy Giuliani was NOT DRUNK, YOU WERE DRUNK, while giving some kind of September 11 speech, and he made the most pathetic attempt at doing a "British" accent we have ever heard? He was NOT MAKING FUN OF THE QUEEN, YOU WERE MAKING FUN OF THE QUEEN, and it was just sad, even by Rudy Giuliani's standards, and this is a guy who shaves in the middle of restaurants and whose entire face appears to leak in public.

Well, Rudy got on the internet on purpose again. We'll let the Daily Beast set this one up, because they clearly had too much fun writing this:

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Always Place A Plastic Bag On Your Mirror When Traveling Alone, Here's Why! Tabs, Wed., Oct. 20, 2021

These are ... not actually terrible car hacks??? It's tabs!

Steve Bannon's contempt of Congress report. — Congress

The Texas lege shot down Gov. Greg Abbott's request to codify his executive order banning private businesses from mandating vaccines. What does that do to his executive order? I don't know, this article doesn't say! (Texas Tribune)


Also Colin Powell. Aaron Rupar sexplains that sometimes, when someone has multiple myeloma, vaccines don't work that awesome, which is why it would be great if we could spread this bitch a little less! But Fox News decided to do the opposite. (Aaron Rupaar substack)

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How We Doing On 'Build Back Better?' Better, Seems Like!

Can that 'Dems in disarray' malarkey, will ya?

Some potentially promising news on the Build Back Better reconciliation bill from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, who devoted her "A" block last night to the news that Senator Joe Manchin (D-West Virginia) had for the first time met yesterday with Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Washington), the chair of the Progressive Caucus, to talk about where they are on the climate 'n' social safety net bill that contains most of Joe Biden's domestic policy agenda. It wasn't quite white smoke coming from the Vatican, but as Maddow put it, it seems like progress that the two of them were in the same room talking to each other, for a good two hours.

Maddow also noted that Manchin sat down with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont) yesterday, and that after that meeting, a "notably chipper" Manchin smiled for photos with Sanders, a noticeable change following Manchin getting a bit snippy at Sanders over the weekend, when Bernie published an op-ed arguing that Build Back Better would be hugely helpful to West Virginians. Yes, even if the most Manchin would say yesterday was "We're talking." When the two got in their cars, Manchin told Sanders, "Never give up, Bernie," which is nice and mysterious.

Still, Maddow thinks those meetings, and the news that Manchin also took a phone call from Joe Biden yesterday, seem like a positive step. We think we're going to agree with Rachel Maddow, just this once.

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