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Six More MAGA Mob Proud Boys Standing By For Prison

Lock ‘em up.

Last year, during the first presidential debate, the twice-impeached thug was asked to denounce the Proud Boys but instead he gave the extremist group marching orders: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by!" Three months later, their members were part of the MAGA mob storming the Capitol.

A federal grand jury indicted six of these assholes Friday. William Chrestman, Christopher Kuehne, and Ryan Ashlock of Kansas; Louis Enrique Colon of Missouri; and Felicia Konold and Cory Konold of Arizona are charged with "conspiring to obstruct or impede an official proceeding" (i.e. the congressional certification of President Joe Biden's victory) and impeding or interfering with law enforcement "during the commission of a civil disorder" (i.e. an attempted coup and violent insurrection). These are just the more serious charges, and they are facing up to 30 years in prison. Meanwhile, their conspirator in chief is chilling at his Florida country club plotting his next supervillain scheme. These clowns are chumps, but they're dangerous chumps.

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This Hot New Restaurant Serves French Fries As An Entree. Tabs, Mon., March 1, 2021

Come and get your tabs!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is giving the all-clear for Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot COVID-19 vaccine. I’d feel safer with two shots, but I’m also drawn to the convenience of one. (Washington Post)

It’s a tale of two pandemics in Los Angeles. But you don’t need Charles Dickens to tell you that the rich have an easier time avoiding the virus than the poor.

Some areas — the Eastside, eastern San Fernando Valley, South L.A. and southeastern part of the county — have been devastated by the coronavirus. Many of these are low-income communities with a high number of residents who are essential workers, putting their lives at risk at supermarkets, manufacturing firms and other businesses. They are far more likely to live in overcrowded conditions, bringing the coronavirus home from work and spreading it among the household

This appalling inequality is all the more reason we need to raise the minimum wage. People literally sacrificed their health so everyone else can maintain easy access to chicken fingers. That’s worth $15 an hour. (Los Angeles Times)

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown breaks it down on "Meet the Press."

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Class War

Fox's Pete Hesgeth Knows What Diner Patrons Talk About, And It Is The 10th Amendment

A former diner waitress has thoughts.

Fox & Friends host Pete Hegseth is a true man of the people. He knows what all the Real Americans are into and what they talk about. At the Conservative Political Action Conference Saturday, he explained to the audience that he goes to diners and talks to people — real people — like school teachers, construction workers, and the diner waitresses and cooks who work there, and that he can now report back about what their concerns are, and how they incredibly align with the concerns of those attending CPAC. He said, "They're not talking about esoteric things that the Ivy League talks about."

He said:

I sit down with a school teacher, or a construction worker or a small business owner or a cook at the restaurant or the waitress at the restaurant we're at. And they're not talking about the esoteric things that the Ivy League talks about, or MSNBC talks about. They're talking about the Bible. And faith. And prayer. And their family. Hard work. Supporting the police. Standing for the anthem. The First Amendment, the Second Amendment, the 10th Amendment.

I have to say I find this a little rich, on a personal level. Because guess what I was doing for a time while Pete Hegseth was at Princeton? Just guess? I was literally working as a diner waitress. I had other jobs too, of course, but that was one of them. I did this in Rochester, New York, a city known for a thing you eat at diners called a Garbage Plate. It was a long time ago, but the only people I recall talking to me about the Bible were the jerks who left those tracts that look like $20 bills.

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Millions Could Go Homeless Because Trump Judge Doesn't Think Rent Is An Economic Activity

Judge J. Campbell Barker has found the eviction moratorium to be unconstitutional.

Keeping people housed during a deadly pandemic saves lives and stops the spread of disease. That's why the federal government and most states have had eviction moratoriums at some point during the pandemic.

But on Thursday, with an opinion in Terkel v. CDC, Eastern District of Texas Judge J. Campbell Barker, threw a wrench into the feds' current eviction ban. Ruling for a bunch of landlords who were upset they couldn't make people homeless during the current public health crisis, the judge said the ban was unconstitutional and that the federal government does not have the "authority to order property owners not to evict specified tenants."

Courts in Georgia, Louisiana, and Tennessee have all upheld the moratorium. Eviction moratoriums have proven to be successful at stopping the spread of disease. One study even found that states lifting their eviction bans caused up to 433,700 unnecessary COVID-19 cases and 10,700 unnecessary deaths. BUT WON'T SOMEONE THINK OF THE LANDLORDS!

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