LIVE: Let's Watch Republicans Yell 'Woke!' At Pentagon Officials And Call It Oversight

Drag Queen War-ry Hour.

There is literally an article in Politico this week about how Pentagon officials are practicing how to respond to Republican nutcases who just babble the word "woke" at them and act like that is reasonable, adult oversight of the military.

Today, Joint Chiefs Chair Gen. Mark Milley and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin are going before the House Defense Appropriations panel, and they will get to try out their answers. We've been here before. But with the modern Republican Party we can always guarantee that this time will be stupider than the last.

Come, let us liveblog together:

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Nice Time

100 Year Old Lady At Florida School Board Better Patriot Than All Book Banners Put Together

Knows a thing or two about fascists.

Earlier this month, the school district in Martin County, Florida, purged at least 84 books from school libraries after complaints from the head of the local Moms for "Liberty" chapter under the state's school censorship law, HB 1467, passed last year. PEN America notes that most of the books were removed following challenges by a single objector, "who filed forms indicating that she did not actually read any of the books in question." No problem; in keeping with the law, a DeSanctified "media specialist" in the district reviewed the books, or at least the list, and the books were gone.

Among the familiar suspects like Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye and Beloved,the banned books also included 20 by a single author, Jodi Picoult, who writes novels for the young adult market. Picoult notes in an op-ed that the complaints — again, all from the one Moms for Censorship lady — inaccurately described all her books as "adult romance that should not be on school shelves." Picoult, who we suspect knows her books better than the mom who didn't read them, points out that most of the books that were targeted "do not even have a kiss in them.," but they do deal with social issues that make rightwingers sad, and they "encourage kids to think for themselves." Can't have that.

Picoult also notes that one of her books marked for culling was The Storyteller, a novel about the repercussions of the Holocaust.

It chronicles the growth of anti-Semitism and fascism in Nazi Germany. There was a strange irony that a parent wanted this particular book removed, because it felt a bit like history repeating itself.
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Li'l Nebraska State Sen Lady Machaela Cavanaugh Sets Up Early Bid For BADASS OF THE YEAR!


Last month, Nebraska state Senator Machaela Cavanaugh declared that she'd filibuster every damn bill the Republican-controlled legislature put forward unless it pulled proposed legislation banning gender-affirming health care for transgender youth. Specifically, this anti-trans garbage would ban puberty blockers, gender-affirming surgeries, and hormone therapy.

A SPLAINER! What IS Gender Affirming Health Care For Kids Anyway, Because Texas Is Super F*cking Lying About It Right?

Cavanaugh wasn't shy about her intentions. She said, "If people are like, 'Is she threatening us?' let me be clear: Yes, I am. I am threatening you." She added, "If this Legislature collectively decides that legislating hate against children is our priority, then I am going to make it painful; painful for everyone. Because if you want to inflict pain upon our children, I am going to inflict pain upon this body.”

Those are the badass lines from the trailer for the eventual movie starring Elizabeth Olsen.

The senator maintained her blanket filibuster for weeks, and the Legislature hasn't passed diddly squat all year. Cavanaugh told her colleagues last month, "I will burn this session to the ground over this bill. I have nothing but time, and I am going to use all of it."


PREVIOUSLY: Nebraska Dem Just Gonna Filibuster Eeeeeeeeverything

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fox news

Tucker Is SOOOOO SURE, You Guys, Like, UGH, WHATEVER!

He's going to his room now to sulk, bless his heart.

Tucker's not doin' so hot, y'all.

Everybody knows for sure now what a liar he is, and he's had all 89 million hours of January 6 footage for weeks now and no matter how he cuts it, it's still a video of a terrorist attack, and he can't seem to find a clip that proves that Antifashli Babbitt was a fed. Donald Trump is maybe about to be indicted — which shouldn't bother Tucker because he totally hates that guy — and we don't know what else is up Tucker's ass right now, but he just seems in poor form.

We think that's how we get monologues like that thing he delivered the other night, where he sounded like he was malfunctioning like a funny primitive computer, the kind that takes up a whole room and smoke comes out the side.

And we guess it's how you get clips like this from last night, where he is just defiantly poopypants and YOU'RE NOT MY REAL MOM and all the rest. He, Tucker, is whining that the news media doesn't like to tell the truth. He, Tucker, is whining that the media forces its viewers to go along with "whatever CHILDISH SLOGAN they've come up with this week."

What slogans?

"January 6 was an insurrection, guys!"

"Vladimir Putin is a war criminal!"

"Trans women are women!"

Those are the slogans. After the slogans, Tucker would sarcastically say "OKAY!" or "ALL RIGHT!" like a sulking teenager rolling his eyes because you are so lame and embarrassing and he hates you and he's going to his room to sulk now. He's very upset.

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