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Trump Gonna Make All The Kids As Stupid About History As Dinesh D'Souza

It's gonna be a little tougher in the age of the internet.

Yesterday, speaking to the "White House History Conference," Donald Trump announced his plans for the "1776 Commission" — a national commission to promote patriotic education in schools, to ensure that school children get taught America is the super greatest country on earth and the only country with freedom and the only country where everyone's dreams can come true, and other assorted bullshit. This is meant to be a response to the 1619 Project, which aims to tell children a correct, warts and all, version of our founding and history that includes a realistic understanding of slavery and racism.

He said:

Our mission is to defend the legacy of America's founding, the virtue of America's heroes, and the nobility of the American character. We must clear away the twisted web of lies in our schools and classrooms, and teach our children the magnificent truth about our country. We want our sons and daughters to know that they are the citizens of the most exceptional nation in the history of the world.

To grow up in America is to live in a land where anything is possible, where anyone can rise, and where any dream can come true — all because of the immortal principles our nation's founders inscribed nearly two and a half centuries ago.

In terms of social mobility, America ranks 27th out of 82 countries. That's not actually very good. But they need to perpetuate this myth in order to maintain order and not have to deal with people asking for too much. As long as people believe they can pull themselves up by their boostraps, as long as they believe they are the only ones at fault if they don't, they won't bug the ruling class about things like fair wages and health care.

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joe biden

Joe Biden Slaps Trump Upside Head At His RIGGED RIGGED RIGGED CNN Town Hall

Old Senile Joe or memorized answers, it's always so tough for Republicans to decide.

Joe Biden once again showed what a real president is supposed to look like at his CNN town hall Thursday. He was informed, empathetic, a functioning adult. He was everything President Herd Mentality was not during his ABC train wreck Tuesday.

Anderson Cooper moderated the town hall in Moosic, Pennsylvania, not far from Biden's boyhood home, which we're not sure if you were aware was in Scranton. It was a drive-in format, so people wouldn't die. We know Biden performed well, because conservative media insisted the former vice president was treated with “kid gloves" and the "softball" event wasn't going to prepare Biden for the debates. The other day, they claimed Trump was “ambushed" by ninjas posing as undecided voters, so it's not like this paper tiger is going to maul Biden when they finally face each other. The president can't even handle Dr. Ellesia Blaque, the greatest woman in the world, who told Trump to shut his stupid mouth and let her finish speaking.

Fox News contributor Dan Bongino whined on Sean Hannity's show that CNN's town hall "should be an in-kind contribution to the Biden campaign."

BONGINO: Compare what happened to him, to what happened to Trump.

If you insist: Trump was asked serious questions and responded with mental fart noises. Biden actually assembled words into sentences that weren't just lies and paranoid delusions separated by the occasional comma. He nailed Trump for deliberately downplaying the threat of COVID-19, which led to the deaths of almost 200,000 Americans ... so far. Biden was almost overcome with rage when discussing how Trump had reportedly called service members “losers" and “suckers."

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History Facts

Mark Levin: Black Lives Matter Wants To Topple Confederate Statues Just Like Confederacy ... Huh?

Yeah, that doesn’t make any sense.

Conservatives lately love to compare Black Lives Matter protesters to the Confederacy. That's as ahistorical and gross as comparing the Jewish George Soros to the Nazis, which conservatives have also done, a lot. Tuesday, enemy of the site Mark Levin complained on his radio show about people trying to overthrow the government. Horrors! He didn't mean the officials within the Trump administration who are actively stripping our democracy for parts. No, the true threat to Mom and her frozen apple pie is people vandalizing statues of American traitors.

LEVIN: It's an amazing thing, as I keep saying. Early on during this you might recall the — the mostly peaceful protesters who were pulling down statues [...] Indiscriminately. It didn't matter they were abolitionists, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant — as well as Confederate generals, as well as Catholic icons.

No memorial to Abraham Lincoln was vandalized this summer. Protesters have demanded the removal of two statues in Washington DC and Boston that feature a freed, formerly enslaved person kneeling at Lincoln's feet. It isn't the best demonstration of the American concept that we are all born with inalienable rights. They aren't granted to us by generous white men who deserve a thank-you shoe shine.

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Gay Stuff

​Trump Will Save Country Christian Kroger Ladies From Wearing Mandatory Buttsex Rainbows On Their Bosoms!

Or something like that!

During the Obama administration, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) did nice things like fight in court for the notion that yes, Title IX prohibits gender discrimination, therefore it prohibits discrimination against transgender people, hello, "gender" is right there in the word, you dipwads. They fought for the notion that discrimination against LGBT people was, again, gender discrimination. The Supreme Court (with NEIL GORSUCH!) ruled that Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits workplace discrimination, but in so many ways, the Trump adminstration has stomped on the rights of LGBTQ people across America, often in the name of RELIGIOUS FREEEEEEEEDOM!

Well, they're at it again. And this time, they're doing it dumber than ever.

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