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Would You Pay Seven Bucks Per Month For Nothing Of Value? What About Six? Five? Come On, Guys!

Things are going great at Twitter.

Let's check in with genius businessman Elon Musk and his genius plan to underpants gnome Twitter into profitability by forcing us all to spent eight dollars a month on a "product" with no discernible value:

Worthless shit that benefits no one: now only SEVEN dollars a month!

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January 6

Fox News Creep Just Wondering If Nancy Pelosi Wanted Her Jan. 6 Close-Up

Shameless and repulsive.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was our commander-in-chief on January 6, 2021 while the actual president gleefully watched the attack he incited from the White House. Nancy Pelosi was a hero because Donald Trump was a traitor. However, right-wingers with no shame insist this is what Pelosi wanted all along.

During an appearance on Sean Hannity's radio show last week, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said grossly, "One wonders, did Nancy Pelosi want [the attack] to get out of hand? Is that the reason why her daughter was suddenly there filming her mother in this heroic role? Because all of this, you know, was somehow planned and conjured up? You know, I think it's worth asking the question but the committee wouldn't allow it."

It's true that the January 6 committee wasn't interested in unfounded conspiracies intended to smear Pelosi and cover up Trump's actual treason crimes. Guess he got us there.


We Still Don't Know Why The National Guard Was Late On January 6

Elise Stefanik Knows Who Attacked The Capitol On January 6, And It Is ... Nancy Pelosi???

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Conspiracy theories

What If 'Lady Macbeth' Pulled A 'Paul Is Dead' With John Fetterman?

The Fake Fetterman Conspiracy!

Where's Sen. John Fetterman? Right-wingers have demanded proof of Fetterman's continued existence ever since he began treatment for clinical depression at Washington's Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Meanwhile, the usual creeps, including Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Jr., have mocked his condition, calling the junior senator from Pennsylvania "unfit" to serve and a "vegetable."

Professional terrible person Laura Ingraham suggested that Fetterman is a helpless dupe, who his wife, Gisele Barreto Fetterman, is manipulating for power. (Republicans and insecure men of all political stripes really dislike Giselle Fetterman, presumably because she has a will of her own.) Caleb Ecarma wrote in Vanity Fair last month:

“It’s news to no one that John Fetterman is unfit to serve in the United States Senate—he was not fit to run for office,” said Tucker Carlson, “but the cynical people around him, including his supremely cynical wife, pushed him to do it because of their lust for power.”


"It feels very much like a Lady Macbeth situation,” the American Majority PAC’s Ned Ryun told host Laura Ingraham. “She is very ambitious, and she used her impaired husband as the vehicle to achieve some of her ambitions,” he said.

Misogynists have misread Macbeth for centuries: The Scottish power couple are willing partners in treason murder, and Lady Macbeth actually succumbs to her guilt sooner than her power-mad husband.

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Famous Creationist Decries Kentucky Governor's 'Disregard' Of 'Science'

Andy Beshear was following the science when he vetoed an anti-trans bill.

Friday, Democratic Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear vetoed a vicious Republican bill that would have barred transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming care and allowed teachers to humiliate students by refusing to refer to them by their preferred pronouns. Upon killing the bill, Beshear explained that he didn't want kids killing themselves and did not want the state meddling in people's personal medical choices.

Naturally, there are a lot of bigots who are especially upset about this development, and one of those bigots is someone we haven't really heard too much about in a while — Ken Ham, the creationist who created the Creation Museum. You know, the museum in Kentucky where you can go and see very historically accurate depictions of early humans palling around with dinosaurs — like in the documentary series "The Flintstones."

Ham, who believes the universe is only about 6,000 years old, issued a tweet blasting Beshear for disregarding science by listening to doctors, biologists, and psychologists rather than people whose entire understanding of sex and gender can be summed up in a quote from Kindergarten Cop.

PREVIOUSLY: Idiot Homeschool Mom Reviews Creation Museum, Likes How It Bibles Up Science

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