Newsroom Ideological Diversity

Today's Howie Kurtz column on a survey of journalists' political views contains an interesting suggestion from the head of the project: Since "conservatives are not very well represented," he says, "Maybe diversity in the newsroom needs to mean more than ethnic and gender diversity." It's a good idea, but not a new one. Naturally, the NYT is at forefront of diversity in all its forms, though being an innovator can be a curse as well as a blessing. But is it the Times's fault that all their affirmative-action hires turn out to have lax reporting standards? At least David Brooks doesn't have a drug problem. (Then again, we hear his latest column begins, "Why do we blue staters look down on crystal meth? Is it because it's cheap? Because it's popular? The typical red stater doesn't cotton to such snobby judgments. . . ")

Survey Finds Angst-Strained Wretches in the Fourth Estate [WP]

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