Newsweek: Gaslighting the Lady Blogger

Close readers of Wonkette may have noticed a certain repetition in yesterday's posts: We got a little obsessed with Newsweek's story about Bush's 9/11 ads, and we were concerned we'd have to stop blogging while drunk. See, in the morning we saw a terrific juicy quote.

    "There's many reasons not to use real firemen," retorted one Bush media adviser. "Mainly, it's cheaper and quicker."

So we quoted it. Then, later in the day, someone asked us where we got the quote -- it was no longer in the Newsweek story. In fact, the story had an entirely different middle section. The quote was gone, as was its subject, the assertion the Bush team used "paid actors—including two playing firefighters with fire hats and uniforms in what looks like a fire station." And there was a quote about birthday parties and hats. That's a little odd to begin with, but disappearing them was also strange, to say the least. It was possibly even scandalous. We got a little excited.

Now the story seems to be back to its original form.

One thing is certain: We're never drinking again.

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