Newsweek Puts Another Insane Shrill GOP Female Politician On the Cover


"Congratulations" or whatever you say these days to shameless political tabloids when they use a horrorpornphoto of Michele Bachmann's vacant stare to terrorize America's grocery store checkout lines. Here is the strange part: this is a photo of Michele Bachmann totally asleep! Haha, just kidding, we do not know what she is doing here, but that probably isn't far off. She is most likely just enjoying the morphine drip and fistful of "migraine pills" that she is always mainlining on any given day. She is also apparently "full of rage" in this photo according to the caption, which strangely is probably the only emotion we would not attribute to Michele in this photo. Our first thought was more like, "brain dead."

Oh right, and here is your Sexist Sarah Palin Newsweek Cover for the "compare and contrast" essay.

Uh, and some pointless earnest commentary from WaPo:

Where on earth is she looking this time? [Bachmann advisor Ed] Rollins has the candidate under control. He now has to get this aspect of her image under control. It’s as if someone is dangling a treat (or maybe it’s a line of Scripture) to get her to look at the camera the way a photographer tries to get a kid to focus on class picture day. The Newsweek piece by Lois Romano delves into Bachmann’s status as queen of the Tea Party movement and how her history contradicts many of her policy ideas. There’s no denying that Bachmann firmly believes what she believes. Some might think she’s crazy because of it. Cover photos like this one help to cement that image.

[TwitPic/ Washington Post]


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