Newsweek's John Kerry: Behind the Music

According to Howie Kurtz, Newsweek is still reporting on the all the Kerry campaign inside baseball that no one really cared about when it looked like they might actually win. And here we were looking forward to never again having to read about Stephanie Cutter's DMV-like way with the press. Though she apparently had a more fun side: "[Cutter] grabbed a shotgun and dramatically aimed it at the sky during a Kerry skeet-shooting event in Iowa." That plus a few gin rickeys and she would remind us of our favorite aunt. The one who has "spells" and thinks the mailman is Castro. However, it turns out she also had some great ideas about how to run the Kerry campaign. (Something about underscoring the economic message earlier.) Anyhow, KE04 says Scutter didn't try to run Mr. Whithers off the front porch after all, so we're back to the less exciting true stuff.

For instance: "Kerry was both 'cranky' and more indecisive than he was portrayed by the media." Well, Newsweek's Evan Thomas did say that positive press coverage spotted Kerry 15 extra points; and now we know why: the journalists totally held back on the extent of Kerry's crankiness and indecision. Fucking liberal media. Also, newsflash: "Teresa Kerry was a major 'distraction.'" Oh, and then there's this startling revelation: Kerry "never did learn how to deliver a speech."

Hold me please.

The Making of a Non-President [WP]


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