Newt Gingrich And His Wife Share Fantasies, Which Is Healthy So Good For Them!


  • Gay marriage is not legal in New Hampshire after all, thanks to its House of Democrats who were all, ehh no thanks, apparently. [Reuters]
  • Newt Gingrich has admitted to having "fantasies" about being the GOP nominee in 2012. Except: are these alleged fantasies a ploy to boost book sales, or do they perhaps relate to something sexual-like, involving his wife, a one Callista Gingrich? Maybe!/ew! [Daily Intel]
  • Not to be outdone by Barack Obama, the President, Dick Cheney will also be giving a talk about National Security tomorrow, because... his standing as... current Vice President... presupposes his ability to influence policy... [Gawker]
  • Eric Holder is not going to let Congress or whatever ruin Barry's plans to close down Gitmo. [First Read]

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