Newt Gingrich Knows *Exactly* Why Barack Obama Thinks Terrorists Are Human Beings


Rejected minor Sorkin character Newt Gingrich went to speak with Bill O'Reilly somewhere inside the tevee yesterday to talk about terrorists and their known proclivity, terrorism. Gingrich, if he is going to be the Republican's perennial safety nominee, must crack down on terrorism by saying how much Barack Obama loves it, starting now. This is called "appealing to the base," and it goes a little something like this: "I believe what you have is a group of people centered in the Justice Department and the Attorney General, whose law firms all gave pro bono support to terrorism. They start every day with a presumption that the rights of terrorists are more important than the lives of Americans." This guy!

Cue Bill O'Reilly with the vaudeville bad-faith mock-hedging:

An incredulous O'Reilly replied that Gingrich's statement was "impossible to believe" and asked, "Why would any rational person want to extend protections to a terrorist than their own family?"

"You interjected the word 'rational,'" Gingrich responded.

"We are in much greater danger than we were a year ago," he also said. "...We have to confront the fact that this is going to be a much bigger, much harder war than we thought."

It is our new fight against the word "rational"—it is "America's Iraq War."

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