Newt Gingrich has joined his sudden kindred spirit Ron Paul in saying that he believes there should be some kind of exploratory committee "to look at the concept of how do we get back to hard money." In a discussion Tuesday at a foreign policy forum in South Carolina, Gingrich said as president he would set up a "gold commission" similar to the one President Reagan established, though CNN points out that Reagan's group ultimately decided a gold standard was a stupid idea, even in the face of double-digit inflation.

Oh, but in a delightful twist, Ron Paul was part of that Reagan commission, and was one of two people to support a return to gold. Two out of 17.

WHO IS THIS GUY? Either of them? Gingrich is really starting to prove himself as the jack-of-all-political-platforms of this race. There's something (insane) for everyone in Gingrich's belly of ideas. At the forum, Gingrich also argued that that the only thing the Fed should care about is "maintaining the stability of the dollar," and if that means tying it to gold and hoping that somehow creates jobs (a big focus of the Fed right now), so be it. Then again, Newt seems to think the only reason people don't have jobs is because they're lazy and/or child labor laws prevent them from getting them. Maybe receiving their paychecks in SOLID GOLD will motivate Americans to find a place that will provide them with paychecks/velvety bags of coins??? [CNN]


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