Newt Gingrich Now Against Filthy Excesses of Capitalism, What?

Newt Gingrich Now Against Filthy Excesses of Capitalism, What?

Here is a thing that Newt Gingrich said in New Hampshire, Newt Gingrich, he said this, are you ready for it? GET READY: “You have to ask the question, is capitalism really about the ability of a handful of rich people to manipulate the lives of thousands of people and then walk off with the money?” AHAHAHAHA. This is like taking three giant dumps on the grave of Ronald Reagan and then planting a Soviet flag on top, basically. It is also common sense, which means that it is not an idea native to Newt Gingrich. Maybe he stole it from the sign of one of the Occupy Wall Street protesters hanging outside his New Hampshire headquarters Monday?

No, he's just redistributing their message like a common socialist, in order to whine about Mitt Romney's exploitative career at Bain Capital. Has Newt Gingrich always earned his millions super-duper fair and square in exactly the way he has presented it to the public? WE WILL NEVER KNOW, because he refuses to release the files.

Newtie claimed he couldn't release his contract with Freddie Mac because the company wouldn't let him, to which Freddie Mac said, eh, we don't care if you release it. So where's the contract, then?

From Bloomberg:

A lawyer for a consulting firm founded by former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich said he was barring the release of a contract between the Republican presidential candidate and Freddie Mac.

Gingrich said last week it would be up to his partners in his former company, the Center for Health Transformation, to determine whether to release the documents. Earlier, he said he would be happy to release the contract, yet couldn’t make it public because Freddie Mac, the mortgage company now under U.S. conservatorship, refused to waive a confidentiality agreement.

Freddie Mac officials said last week that Gingrich was “welcome” to release the contract, under which his consulting firm was paid at least $1.6 million over eight years for his services.

Newt Gingrich is awful, the end. [TPM/ Bloomberg]


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