Newt Gingrich Too Sleazy a Grifter To Legally Run For President Right Now

Newt Gingrich Too Sleazy a Grifter To Legally Run For President Right Now

Newt Gingrich's peoplewanted everyone to know yesterday that he was definitely about to announce he's running for president, for realz this time. But then they looked into the paperwork to file an exploratory committee and realized it's going to be hard to figure out exactly how many money-making schemes he has going these days and exactly how to arrange the documents so nothing too embarrassing comes out about the schemes. (Newt has to be hoping he doesn't own any Libyan mail-order bride companies and isn't the sponsor of something called the "Adultery Foundation Awards." Both are distinct possibilities.) So he will only run for president IF and when these schemes can be carefully assembled into an FEC bento box.

One Republican with knowledge of the situation told Score that Gingrich is likely to confirm his “intention to announce,” but not actually unveil an exploratory committee. ABC reports Gingrich may use the term “explore phase” rather than “exploratory committee” – another way of stopping short of a full-scale announcement. The reason: Untangling the web of business and political groups Gingrich is involved in has proven complicated and he’s not in a position just yet to take a more formal step toward running.

Get it together, sources (zoo animals) close to Newt Gingrich. Newt is going to "confirm" his "intention" to announce? He's been doing that approximately forever. [Politico via Salon]


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