Newt Gingrich Wants America's Judges Arrested, To Save Constitution

What astonishingly irrelevant non-issue is bloated gasbag Newt Gingrich chewing on lately to fart wind into the sails of far-right dingbats? Let's see... hang on one second, so Newt's puffy fingers can fight their way through his jacket pocket for one of his greasy, crumpled cocktail napkin scribbles filled with strings of bizarre grievances that he dreams up in the mall bar while his creepy robot-wife is busy licking diamonds next door at Tiffany's, to recharge her battery. OH HERE'S A FUN ONE: "Arrest all the judges who seem 'liberal.'" This will save America, just like every proposal Newt Gingrich has ever made.

From Talking Points Memo:

There’s “no reason the American people need to tolerate a judge that out of touch with American culture,” Gingrich said on CBS’ Face the Nation, referring to a case where a judge ruled that explicit references to religion were barred from a high school graduation ceremony. And Gingrich recently has said judges should have to explain some of their decisions before Congress.

One might note that judges already have to explain themselves, not just to Congress but to everyone, with things called "rulings," but this is beside the point of the REAL CRIME, a judge somewhere thinking she or he knows more about anything than Newt Gingrich.

Host Bob Schieffer asked Gingrich how he planned to enforce that. Would you call in the Capitol Police to apprehend a federal judge, he asked.

“If you had to,” Gingrich said. “Or you’d instruct the Justice Department to send the U.S. Marshall in.”


Gingrich claims his tough stance is part of a key question going into the 2012 elections: “Do you want to move towards American exceptionalism, reassert the Constitution, reassert the nature of America, or do you, in fact, want to become a secular, European, sort of beaurocratic socialist society?”

Ha ha, Newtie is so much smarter than an eighth-grade civics textbook. Federal judges aren't there to "assert the Constitution," they are there to make sure America isn't France, or be thrown in jail. [TPM]


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