Newt Gingrich's Website-Killing Secret Ninja Combat Judges

Washington playboy Newt Gingrich dislikes those jihadists as much as he hates a wife who gets cancer. The most unelectable scumbag in America has been hanging around New Hampshire letting people know how he's going to fix up America once he becomes president in his mind.

But nobody was paying attention, so he had to go to Super Crazy Mode and tell people that Free Speech would have to be shut down so we could blow up more Arabs somewhere. That finally got him on the teevee Sunday, when Tim Russert asked the jowly helmet-head exactly how this great new anti-First Amendment system would work.

"You close down any Web site that is jihadist," he said.

"But who makes that judgment?" insisted Mr. Russert.

"Look, I -- you can appoint three federal judges if you want to and say, 'Review this stuff and tell us which ones to close down.' I would just like to have them be federal judges who've served in combat," replied Mr. Gingrich.

Newt's Free-Speech Ideas Fail the Laugh Test [NY Observer]

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