Newt Gingrich's Weird Affair-Wife Is Kind of Weird


Domestic bliss, until the next affair:

Mr. Gingrich took up golf because his wife plays; she has adopted his political agenda. In 2009, after years of attending Mass to hear her sing in her church choir, he converted to Catholicism. And when Mrs. Gingrich, who plays French horn with the city band in Fairfax, Va., appears in concerts, her husband totes her black instrument case. “I’m a band groupie and a choir groupie,” Mr. Gingrich likes to say.

Your next president of the United States.

This woman has the basically the same scary head as Cindy McCain, but she's not rich, so she has to hustle Newt's Amway with him or whatever it is he sells these days. Aww! [NYT]


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