Newt Grabs Coveted Cain Endorsement, Huntsman LOLs at Trump


Well the Cainwreck is finally over, but prepare for at least another day of Cain-related headlines, because Herm isset to instruct his fourteen remaining supporters to throw their weight behind Newt Gingrich.

And fresh off the coveted Cain endorsement, Newt's heading up to the West Side to supplicate Donald Trump in the latter's eponymous Tower.

John Nichols at The Nation has some nice things to say even about Ron Paul, commending Paul for being a "Republican choos[ing] not to be ridiculous" in declining an invite to the TrumpFest.

But as far as reactions go among Republican presidential contenders to Donald Trump's forthcoming debate, we don't expect anything can top this, from Huntsman campaign spokesman Tim Miller. Miller, in an email query regarding Huntsman's intentions to attend Trump's debate, replied merely "Lol." We love it: Simple, concise, direct, to the point. We also love that the the peculiar spelling—"Lol"—suggests the email was sent from an iPhone.

So are we already at war with Iran? Dear god we hope not. But the National Journal is worried, and, by extension, making us worry.

President Obama sends his "condolences" to Pakistan, meanwhile, because diplomacy is weird and he can't just say "sorry," which is something we'd probably do if we killed a dozen of our pals.

Are you ready for endless summer? Because climate change is back! The recession did a number on our carbon emissions, but in the latest leading indicator of a long-awaited economic recovery we're back to ruining everything in earnest again. "The increase solidified a trend of ever-rising emissions that scientists fear will make it difficult, if not impossible, to forestall severe climate change in coming decades," reports the Times. Ugh. Mondays.

In other leading indicators of economic recovery, new housing starts in Washington DC jumped by one, as Occupy DC built a house that was quickly foreclosed upon and all 31 residents were tossed in the can. [READ MORE AT GIFZETTE.]


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