Next On Hardball: Osama

I Always Go Negative EarlyApparently, Osama bin Laden's interest in U.S. politics didn't last past November. His new tape out today has no mention of President Bush or John Kerry at all (at least, we don't think so; our Arabic isn't as strong as it used to be). Last time, of course, bin Laden raved about the election in a videotape apparently aimed at influencing American voters. By then, though, everyone was already sick of ranting videos from extremists -- the Swift Vets guys had been on the air for months!

Seriously, though, we wondered what bin Laden's biggest gripes about Kerry's strategy would be. Everyone else has their pet theory about why Bush won, Osama must, too. Inability to stick to prepared Koran quotes in speeches? Female aides brazenly baring shins and forearms? Obstinate refusal to kill all Jewish campaign staffers? We can't wait to read his analysis in the next issue of "Jihad and Elections"...

Alleged Bin Laden Tape Praises Attack [AP]



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