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An alert Wonketteer pointed us to this passage from last Thursday's Nightline:

SALLY QUINN: Well, I knew that they were very concerned about their safety. And they had all -the whole family had been to terrorist training so that they would know how to handle themselves in case of a terrorist attack. And they were driving about a year ago -he decided, George Tenet decided he wanted to drive his own car for once. It was in the afternoon. And so, the family went out for a drive. They had the Secret Service in the back, instead of driving. And all of a sudden, there was this loud explosion and the whole windshield shattered. And George Tenet slumped over on the steering wheel. And Stephanie said, "I knew then that that was it, that, you know, terrorists had attacked and he was dead." And she grabbed the steering wheel and did all the things that she'd been trained to do. Finally, the car stopped and the Secret Service ran over. And what it was is a deer had leapt out from behind the tree and hit the windshield and crashed through the windshield.

TED KOPPEL: (Off Camera) Which happens a lot here in the Washington area.

SALLY QUINN: Well, exactly.

TED KOPPEL: (Off Camera) A lot of deer around here.

And they make great cover for Al Qaeda's latest weapon: Bambi. Seriously, I've lived here for four years and have yet to see a deer. I don't know where Sally Quinn and Ted Koppel are hanging out, but it must be near a salt lick.

UPDATE: To those literalists who have written in about my lack of wildlife experience: Right, right, lots of deer around Washington. Sure. Of course, Sally Quinn lives in Georgetown. I hope she has one of those fluorescent vests. And to the person who suggested that I "lay off the booze for an hour or two," well, I prefer pink elephants to deer, anyway.


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