Next Time We're Going To Throw The Babies

* When looking to round out your editorial page, there's only one person to turn to. [Carpetbagger Report]

* "If you woke up tomorrow morning and the United States were suddenly in an extremely serious crisis, which presidential candidate would make you the most comfortable sitting behind the desk in the oval office making decisions -- Hillary Clinton or Rudy Giuliani?" [Election Central]

* You know what will open Iran's nuclear facilities to inspectors? Bombs. [Headline Junky]

* Colbert was apparently mocking Lou Dobbs, pre-emptively. [Political Wire]

* It's not that Fred Thompson is majorly lazy or something, it's the pendulum. Nothing can be done. [Swamp Politics]

* Senate Democrats hate average Americans. No seriously, that's the headline. [Redstate]

* Lesson number 1 in using babies as human shields: Don't drop the baby. We really can't stress that point enough. [Michelle Malkin]


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