NH Newspaper's Hatred of Romney Bordering on Creepy, But Still Funny

which is more robot?Iowa's so incredibly TOMORROW that we'd almost forgotten about its younger sister, New Hampshire, which is in like five tomorrows! Out there Romney and McCain are making sure that heat is as dead as possible, with a new CNN/WMUR poll giving them 30% apiece. As we know, however, the newspaper industry of New Hampshire will not stand by this Romney character having anything resembling a chance! In addition to the two "undorsements" against these delightful hobbits produced, the Union Leader this morning ran an editorial on the front page, written by the publisher (a veritable Murdoch in certain rural New Hampshire counties, insiders say), attacking sweet Mittens for "distorting" certain facts about American war hero John McCain. So weird, right?? These newspapers needs to get a life, which admittedly would be hard to do in New Hampshire. [Union Leader]


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