Nice Black Lady On Fox And Friends Makes Responsible Slavery Comparison


There seems to be one and only one qualification for becoming a Prominent Black Conservative these days: accusing other black people of either being willing slaves, or accusing some Democrat of enslaving them. It is perhaps the easiest job in America, and has seen a drastic uptick in employment opportunities since Barack Obama became President.

There, America, is your stimulus.

The lady in question on this show is Deneen Borelli, who has helpfully written a book called Blacklash: Racial Puns That Are Right On. (Subtitle may be different, as we cannot be bothered to read past the first word.) Celebrating the Emancipation Proclamation, Borelli argues that sure, that's great and all, but we are all back in an even worse form of slavery than being forcibly taken across an ocean, beaten, raped and systematically denied any form of freedom for hundreds of years.

Even the Fox News host asks if Borelli is going too far, to which Borelli responds, cogently, that higher energy prices are enslaving us because, um, they are high. This is like that terrible form of slavery in the antebellum South where they got to pretty much do whatever they wanted, and were completely free except that they had to pay a slightly higher energy bill each month for the air conditioning they didn't have. A shameful period in our nation's history.

The truly damaging part about this isn't that it completely denigrates the actual legacy of slavery that involved more than a higher monthly utility bill or the vague fear the government might grab your guns. It's that she's implicitly encouraging every angry, overzealous conservative to become their own Nat Turner and rise up against a tyrannical government over goddamn coal regulations.

Slavery is terrible, and never any worse than when described by pandering, fame-hungry dumbs.

[Media Matters]


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