Somewhere, Alex Jones is freaking out over a smiling Muslim mom and some dolls

Some terribly nice-time news from Canada, which is like America only with fewer fuckheaded bigots: Last week, Sheza Hasan, a Muslim woman in Milton, Ontario, a ways west of Toronto, came home to find a box on her front step with a card on it. Inside, she found a bunch of handmade fabric dolls in bright colors and a variety of skin tones, every single one of them wearing a hijab, the hair covering favored by many Muslim women. Here is the sweet handwritten note that she posted to Facebook along with a photo of some of the dolls:

Hasan told the CBC:

"It's not just any act of kindness. It's something someone really thought about and put the time and effort in," she said. "My kids were in awe; we've been talking about it for three days. They're amazed that someone would put so much energy into putting this together."

She says she has no idea who left the dolls, although there are some clues: Someone who can sew, someone who knows Hasan's name, and someone who has cats in their house and was thoughtful enough that they wanted to let Hasan know that in case she's allergic. Hasan was impressed:

"If you look, the hijabs are removable for kids to play with. She's put in the effort to make the hair and the hijab goes on top," she said. "There's so much effort into designing this, different patterns and colours and designs ... They're all handmade, it was just really, really, touching."

Can't wait to see how Pam Geller finds this terrifying

You should go check out the video at the CBC site, which we would embed if the video were not a booger.

As to the bit about Canadians not being quite as assholish as Americans, we should note Hasan's Facebook post does acknowledge the dolls were a welcome contrast to some of the ways non-Muslims react to her:

Ms. Hasan added,

"Growing up, we're seeing images out there in the community. The only time we see something in the media, it's usually negative ... so that's what Muslim kids growing up are bombarded with," she said. "Someone [went] out of their way to make a doll that girls can relate to and say, 'Our mom does this or somebody we know wears hijab.'"

She's decided she'd like to find homes for the dolls in classrooms or libraries if she can, so more than one kid per doll can play with them. But she also plans to keep one for herself, because "They're just so cute."

OK, now it's time to turn this heartwarming story of kindness over to the internet, where Facebook and Twitter detectives will declare it an obvious case of False Flag niceness, because CLEARLY this is a Muslim woman who made the dolls herself and faked finding them in a box as part of a plot to make Muslims seem non-terroristy. You know, like that Turkish guy who invited the homeless to come to his London restaurant last Christmas because he was sentimental about his mom. Get ready for the inevitable angry complaints about this publicity-seeking crazy lady who obviously wants to give the impression that dolls wearing hijabs are "cute" or "normal" or even "made of cloth."

Also, somewhere in Milton, Ontario, there's a doll-maker who really deserves a big ol' hug. We're not crying, YOU'RE crying. ALSO, it's your Open Thread!

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[CBC / Sheza Hasan on Facebook]

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