Nice Time! Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama Doing International Women's Day Stuff! Your Open Thread!

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Nice Time! Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama Doing International Women's Day Stuff! Your Open Thread!

Michelle Obama makes girls cry!

So even with all the GRR and ARRGH and WTF of living in TrumpMerica, let's also remember it's International Women's Day, and so we can actually think about some nice things, too, like some thoughts from people we actually like. Michelle Obama observed the day with a surprise visit to 12 girls at Francis L. Cardozo Education Campus, a combined junior/senior high school in Washington DC, where she talked education and achievement, at least after the girls started breathing again following all the "OMG that's Michelle Obama in our school!" hyperventilation. In a message on Instagram, Ms. Obama had to go and politicize International Women's Day by mentioning that Cardozo serves a lot of recent immigrants, so good on her:

Celebrating the beauty and diversity of our country on this #InternationalWomensDay with some of the many fierce and promising girls here at DC's Cardozo Education Campus. I loved visiting this school because it tells the American story in so many ways. Three years ago, Cardozo established its International Academy with only 150 students, but today it boasts nearly 400 who are thriving in and out of the classroom. By embracing young immigrants and their diverse cultures and contributions, Cardozo is a model for our entire country. The girls I met with today are ready to take on the world. We’ve just got to make sure that the world is ready for them.

We like that we had a First lady who can get away with calling girls "fierce." Not everyone can pull that off.

From Hillary Clinton, we got this awesome inspirational retweet of a message that simply makes us grin and grin and grin:

Deeply, unashamedly earnest 4th graders are some of the best people out there. The world needs plenty more.

Oh, OK, one more joyously earnest little girl, from 2014:

And now you kids get to your open thread, OK?

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