Nice Time: Little Girl Meets Hillary Clinton, Joyously Freaks Out

This is 10-year-old Macy Friday, who was in the crowd at Denver's Union station Monday when Hillary Clinton came to Colorado to campaign for Sen. Mark Udall. Hillz saw Macy in the crowd, waved her over for pictures, and Macy instantly earned her place as an icon of Kid Enthusiasm, which frankly is the very best kind there is. That right there is a genuine "I got a puppy, no, TWO puppies!" face.

There's a political story about the campaigning and all that, too, but for a late-afternoon nice time, let's just leave it at one excited, overwhelmed little girl who's undoubtedly been very distracted in school all day today, and now has a hell of a photo to show off for the rest of her life.

[CBS Denver via Twitter / WaPo]

Doktor Zoom

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