Nick, Stop Slutting It Up

Seriously, check her body languageLook, babe, I know it's hard to go through a divorce and then watch a catch like me move on with her life without you. We've talked about it before, and I've tried to be cool. But, seriously, you need to stop acting like a horny 15 year-old. First it's private dinners with that TV lady, then it's that horrid flirtation with that greasy Libyan, and now you're cavorting around Euro Disney with Carla Bruni? With your kids in tow (a total no-no for the divorced dad if you're not serious)? And then, this morning, you're all touching Condi in a way that obviously makes her uncomfortable? Nick, honey, you're the head of state of France. Take a deep breath, and stop trying to fuck everything that moves. It's getting a little embarrassing being associated with you. [Yahoo News]


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