Nidal Hasan's Colleagues Were Cool With His Islam, Which, By The Transitive Property, Is Very Significant


  • Obama is just pretending to have any sway within the Obama/Hamid Karzai powercouple. [New York Times]
  • A bunch of people in the Army were very encouraging of Nidal Hasan's religious phase, and some even suggested he take college courses about Islam. Should we purge the Army of anyone who self-identifies as a "supportive friend" too?? [Washington Post]
  • The Malevolent Balloon People of Colorado will plead guilty when they are charged with being the worst parents ever not even in the usual hyperbolic sense. [CNN]
  • Americans might not buy as much useless garbage for their loved ones this holiday season. [AP]
  • Obama may dip into TARP funds to help out with the huge deficit. [WSJ]
  • The weak dollar has consequences other than all the rich Europeans coming to New York to shop "because it is so cheap here": oil prices could go up, like way up. [Reuters]

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