Night of the Living Dead

Senators all look alike. - WonketteDana Milbank is braver than we knew -- he apparently spent the night with all those dangerous old sex offenders in the Senate. The cots, pizza and toothbrushes were all unused props for a stupid (and failed) photo op. But the very real images of fat old senators being roused from their naps by mean Harry Reid were the exact opposite of "photo ops." They were profiles in revulsion.

* GOP Senator Michael D. Crapo's shirt was untucked.

* Communist Senator Bernard Sanders had crazy Einstein hair.

* Robert Byrd didn't wear his black muumuu, but Barbara Boxer did!

* Hillary, Susan Collins and Orrin Hatch chewed gum.

* Sherrod Brown's a big fucking slob who slobbered all over a candy bar and rained crumbs on the floor.

* Ted Stevens is 100 years old and pissed off.

* John McCain admitted that he's got nothing to say about anything.

* By 1 a.m. or so, all but three senators had gone home to bed.

* Ha ha, the Iraq occupation will last a hundred years and kill 1 billion people!

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream [WaPo]


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