Nightline: Asking the Questions You're Afraid to Answer

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February 2, 2004


There is a larger issue here, and it's not the speculation that Timberlake and Jackson were once involved with each other. What is appropriate to show on TV? And when?

[. . .]

Cable has always had different standards, but these days, with the majority of homes having cable, that seems to be a difference without much distinction. A child with a remote can't tell the difference between cable and the commercial networks.

Leroy Sievers and the Nightline Staff

ABCNEWS Washington bureau

It's true, little Timmy's a bit slow. He has trouble distinguishing between clauses that take "that" and those that take "which," Democrats and Republicans, and he often confuses William Gaddis with William Gass. (Where's 'No Child Left Behind' when you really need it?) But there's no reason to worry that he's being exposed to unnecessary sexual content on television. Timmy gets his porn off the internet like everyone else.

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