Nightmare Reign of the Nasolabial Tyrant

  • Joe Lieberman, the angry god who is solely responsible for the writing and passage of all Senate health care legislation, has decided he does not like this "Medicare at 55" idea that the peasants have come up with. [CNN]
  • Citigroup is so healthy it will pay back $20 billion of TARP money (and then automatically raise your credit card rate, again, due to "market conditions"). [Wall Street Journal]
  • The notorious Italian rascal Silvio Berlusconi got into a real scrape when an attacker broke his nose after a rally. [BBC News]
  • Iranian men are posting pictures of themselves on the Internet wearing ladies' head scarves to show that it isn't just Iranian women who look superhot in those things. [CNN]
  • President Obama practices typical Harvard grade inflation when it comes to assessing his own first year. [Chicago Sun-Times]
  • A movie about blue cartoon deer people may be very Important, because it was directed by the famous political philosopher James Cameron. [Los Angeles Times]

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