Nillas with Attitude

see, the point is that you cant assume all black people think alikeDid you miss "Boondocks" this week? The WP thought it might offend you, so they keep it off the comics page. Thus your sensitivities were not ruffled by the use of the word -- as it was put in "Editor and Publisher" -- "'ni**a'. . . with the missing letters pretty easy to discern." We were confused, too! "Nilla," maybe? We hate those wafers! Whatever, apparently it's offensive. Or it might be. See, to test that hypothesis, one reporter "took a poll of 'black people' in his local barbershop." Their reaction was mixed. Another reporter had a "black man [tell] him in the chat that he thought Boondocks was 'hilarious this week.'" Also, someone just told us that the author of "Boondocks" is himself a black person! Gee, how are we supposed to make an editorial decision based on what will offend people if they don't all think alike?

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Heated Debate Over Spiking of 'Boondocks' Strips [Editor & Publisher]


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