NJ Strongman Chris Christie Will Not Share Pie with Obama or Anyone Else

Apparently since dull turd Mitt Romney's campaign message "Comrade Barack Obama is only here to steal yer munnies" comes across like he is just some anxious unlikable rich guy worrying over his fortune, hahaha which he is, Mittens' sweaty-shiny new campaign trail attack frog Chris Christie will polish it up with something a little bit morerelatable to the oversize Republican base, like a dessert food metaphor. Ready for it? Chris Christie is not about to let Barack Obama steal his chunk of the pie, guys!

On Sunday, Christie addressed a gaggle of New Hampshirites who had the misfortune to accidentally wander into a Mitt Romney "rally" (euphemism). The National Review catapults the propaganda thusly:

Referring to President Obama’s class warfare rhetoric, Christie said that Obama’s solution was to take “pie” from those who had a bigger “piece,” keep the bulk of it, and then give some to those with a smaller piece. In contrast to that,  “what Mitt Romney believes [is] that the size of the American piece is infinite,” Christie said.

Extended metaphor about infinite pie? Someone sounds EXCITED!!!! [National Review]


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