No Amount of Thinking, Even by Experts, Will Make the Interns Go Away

No Amount of Thinking, Even by Experts, Will Make the Interns Go Away
  • Tuesday, June 9: Accidentally hook up with an intern last weekend? Ouch. Later learn that he's not even 21 and that he’s living with his parents for the summer? OUCH. Well, if you’re looking to avoid the onslaught of interns who unfortunately take over this fine city in the summer months, avoid Campus Progress' annual Summer Kick-Off Party. Only go if you are an actual intern-youth looking for cheap drinks. But if you do go, please limit your flirting to other young and overly-eager Capitol Hill tour guides -- safer still to stick to our weekly think-tank events.

  • Wednesday, June 10: The Heritage Foundation, the obvious experts on what's best for society, is lending Thursday to social justice programming. How nice! According to Heritage, social justice has something to do with white, wealthy conservatives enjoying the good life and the rest of us just dealing. Wednesday at noon.
  • Wednesday, June 10: Iran will finally reach America’s level of democracy with a mature, corrupt election on June 12. Everyone loves a Holocaust denier, especially one who enjoys building a nuke a two, but the elections this Friday may prove to be the end of his reign. The Brookings Institution offers us a sneak peak at the potential ramifications of the election Wednesday at 12:30PM.
  • Thursday, June 11: These days just about everyone is either unemployed, underemployed or about to get laid off. And the news just keeps getting better: that little safety net known as "unemployment insurance" may not be that great after all. The Urban Institute on Thursday at noon assesses just how lackluster unemployment compensation is today.
  • Friday, June 12: Just two months ago, we were battling pirates on the high seas and it was AWESOME (minus all the death and destruction). But since then, no one seems to care about Somalia, which doesn't even have a government. And no one probably will care about them until they start testing nuclear weapons. The US Institute of Peace, ever eager to make the world a happy place, nonetheless thinks that we should not completely ignore a country even if it adds no value to the earth.

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