No Bargains in Porkville

Mmm, Labor Day BBQs ... - WonketteThere's so much pork news today, we feel like we're already at the Labor Day BBQ. But this is the last thing we're posting on S. 2590 ... until at least Tuesday.

The Tubemeister claims his "secret hold" is due to a sudden concern about government spending -- Stevens says he's worried about the $15 million cost for six years of building and running a publicly accessible online database that would show, for example, how many hundreds of millions of dollars Stevens funnels to his cronies in Alaska.

But the Sunlight Foundation says he sort of has a point, because that foundation funded a similar database for $234,713. Maybe the Senate bill should break down the cost a bit better: a quarter-mil to build the database, and $14.75 million for the armed guards necessary to pull the real numbers from the staffs of every rep and senator.

How Much To Build a Grants and Contracts Database? [Sunlight Foundation]

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