No Cape, No Tights, No Justice

* Bush puts on a top hat and a curly mustache and laughs at sick children. [NYT]

* Sen. Patrick Leahy makes the controversial suggestion that there are possibly criminals in the White House. [NYT]

* Cheney says he has the documents Leahy wants, but tells the Senator to go fuck himself. Again. [WP]

* Meanwhile, Sen. Carl Levin has identified some trouble with Iraq's leadership. [WP]

* No one told Rep. Bob Filner that there are no tests of strength in order to get your bags back, they just put them on the conveyer belt and out they come. Also, beating people is a crime.[Roll Call, Politico]

* Fred Thompson is a cocktease, and cockteases always have to answer to bloggers and FEC. [The Hill]

* Bush's "mining czar" has been a real drag on the national accident average. [ABC4]


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