No 'Car Czar,' Just Minor Car Fiefdom Instead

Back when George Bush was the36th best president of the United States, he suggested that the incoming administration appoint a Benevolent Despot Emperor of Automobiles, colloquially known as a "car czar," to tend to the heaping pile of unsold inventory and feces that is the American automotive industry. And it seemed like Barack Obama would appoint this czar, in deference to tradition.

But now it looks like he won't, and instead he'll just have Tim Geithner take care of it. Not like that guy has anything better to do, besides cheat on his taxes and dump trillions of dollars into failing banks! Geithner will be aided by a restructuring expert named Ron Bloom. Together these two, aided by a vast cadre of nameless advisors, will ensure that the auto industry dies a truly spectacular Death by Committee and will strive to make it as lengthy, public, and expensive an ordeal as possible.

White House Won't Appoint a 'Car Czar' [Washington Post]


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