No Comment: What Used to Be Remainders Edition

1. It's a nice country, but it can turn on you: "In this big, sweet country of ours, there's no such thing as perfect security." [CNN]

2. Chris Matthews: Voting is like getting money! "I don't want to be too retro here, but part of getting people ready to get to the polls is getting them prepared for sometimes complicated ballots, people that don‘t have a whole lot of education, poor people, not used to working some of this machinery, the ATM machines that the middle class are so familiar with, for example." [MSNBC]

3. Finally, we can sleep: Superhotties of the Federal Judiciary announced! Surprisingly highly placed? Souter, "transcending the stereotype of the weirdo who lives with his mom, and surprising most of us." [UTR, UTR]

4. It sort of makes up for his network calling Florida, really: "There is no other reporter in the country who reported more often George Bush’s misstatements. Every time he misspoke the English language, Carl Cameron, more than any other reporter, put it in the national news." [NYO]

5. Forbes magazine and Bill O'Reilly, down with thug life. "MURPHY: Right, but that's what rappers do right, they get arrested? O'REILLY: Yeah, I guess that's what they do..." [Low Culture]


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