No Funny Flag Day Logo = Google Hates America

On this, the most pointless of patriotic holidays, we pause to... well, do something. Something flag-related, probably, but we don't really know what. We'd think barbeques, but it's a Wednesday and the weather's kinda crappy. What kind of patriotic holiday is allowed to happen on a Wednesday? And we don't even get a half-day? Fuck the flag, man. This is bogus.

All-media Flag Day Coverage Roundup, after the jump. You know you're excited.

The Post is leading all competitors in flag coverage, with one story about how the flag is ugly ("Don't wear the flag. It'll make you look fat." "...each [star] looks like some kind of two-legged gnome with its arms akimbo.") and one about some sort of self-waving robot flag toy that is big with the sort of people who put those stupid kinetic colliding ball things next to the World's Best Uncle picture frame on their corner-office desks.

Amazingly, we couldn't find a single flag-related story in the Washington Times -- America's Paper, huh? Blankley, your monthly "these people would've APPEASED HITLER" column can wait 'till tomorrow, there are a couple stars and stripes that need honorin'!

In honor of Flag Day, pipes 2-thru-4 of CNN Pipeline will feature live footage of a flag waving. Pipe one will feature a camera trained on a computer monitor showing pipe two.*

*This is a lie.

A Grand Old Flag And Very Modern Art [WP]

No Breeze Required [WP]

Washington Times


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