No One Drinks Alone in Des Moines

Why, no, I'm not hungry at all this morningRyan Grim at Politicogives a wet, slobbery rim job to Dana Milbank of the WaPo this morning in his article about where people hang out in Des Moines - Dana is the sole reporter quoted in the article, which we're guessing was written at the 801 and not Centro (which is pictured). But as much as boys like their steaks and cigars, some of us prefer a nice bottle of red and a little pasta to ward off the freezing cold. The only thing that actually sucks about Centro, though, is the fact that they have to put the pronunciation on the sign because the Iowans don't know how to pronounce it. You don't see Michel Richard putting the pronunciation on the sign for Central, because he figures if you don't know how to pronounce it, you don't deserve to eat there. [Politico]


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