Condi Rice is still the Secretary of State [can an intern confirm this?], but no one likes her or cares what she has to say. According to former New York Times foreign reporter Joel Brinkley, Rice's influence worldwide has steadily fallen since she took over for the also-unloved Colin Powell 2 1/2 years ago, because Iraq is a mess and Bush is a lunatic and she is Bush's bestest girl ever.

Russia, Darfur, Venezuela, and the entire rest of the Middle East are also big messes and Condi has not yet demonstrated a lick of competence at diplomacy, which is surprising to absolutely no one who knows shit about her career.

Back in the day, everyone would ask her when she was going to run for President, but now no one will even print her stupid columns. She wrote an op-ed about Lebanon a couple months back that was turned down by every single newspaper it was pitched to. The New York Times prints David Brooks multiple times a week but it wouldn't run an editorial from the Secretary of State. This has been your federally-mandated "feeling good about America" minute for this week.

Waning Influence [SFGate via Petrelis]


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