No One Wants to Work for Senator Too-Crazy-to-be-President

John WALNUTS! McCain announced on the Letterman show a little while back that he's running for President. McCain is so much of a renegade MAVERICK who plays his own rules, that he neglected to tell his staff, who'd crafted a sort of "strategy" about this running-for-President thing, that he was going to fuck 'em over on the tee-vee.

Radar says McCain's craziness has led a number of his staffers to quit the campaign to go work for someone more stable, like Yahya Jammeh.

"They're imploding -- he had a game plan that had him announcing much later in the year," one top Republican aide tells Radar, adding that the campaign is "in serious trouble ... Romney's plan and Rudy's jump in the polls caused him to scrap his plans completely. When you do that, and you're not prepared for it, the staff goes crazy. Some of his coordinators in different states were pulling their hair out!"

See, we hope McCain stays in the race forever, because we hope to witness either a mid-debate heart attack or savage beating, and depending on how things go for WALNUTS either one's possible at the moment.

McCain Staffers Bail Off the Crazy Train [Radar]


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