No One Will Ever Be Attorney General Again

* Yesterday deaths in Iraq were down! Today, deaths in Iraq are up! Tomayto, Tomahto, who can keep count anyway? [Think Progress]

* We just want some clarity on one of the most dumb-founding questions of our age: what the fuck is Lieberman's deal? [Election Central]

* When you have a formula that works, stick with it. [Raw Story]

* Unmarried women may be the bloc that decided the presidential election and the next time we get laid. [Political Wire]

* Schumer's just gonna stay quiet about this whole endorsement-for-torture-attorney-general thing. [TMPmuckraker]

* Well, if the Department of Justice is investigating it, it must be legitimate. [Hot Air]

* Thirty senators sent a letter to Bush asking him not to start another pointless war. Bush can't wait to put it on eBay. [MoJo]

* We admire Michael Reagan's commitment to dragging the 2008 general election down as low as it can possibly go. [Townhall]


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