No Political News, Only Depressing Financial News Today Sorry KTHXBYE

  • The collapse of pretty much every commercial bank in America means both Barack Obama and John McCain have to talk a lot more about the economy. This is mostly bad for McCain. [Wall Street Journal]
  • John McCain calls sternly for a 9/11-style Commission to investigate what led to this crisis. Should we be alarmed that the Republican Party's presidential candidate seems to have no idea how this problem happened? [ABC News]
  • The head of Lehman was just like a simpleton homeowner: when it came time to sell his property, he wanted more for it than it was worth. [New York Times]
  • AIG, you're on notice! [Washington Post]
  • Hank Paulson tells Washington, "Sorry people I'm new here. What just happened?" [Politico]
  • And now central banks in Europe have opened up the floodgates and are dumping money into their own markets, hoping to forestall any disasters on their own shores. [Financial TImes]
  • The new Obama ad accusing John McCain of being a lying bastard appears to have gotten some press traction. [Boston Globe, Washington Post]

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