No Really We All Want To Pay More Taxes

* The Decider is like, really really close to choosing a new top Criminal for the Justice Dept. [NYT]

* David Vitter visited his favorite prostitute two to three times a week! But just remember this was a female prostitute, which is the way God intended it. [AP]

* They're still on this thing about how Saddam did 911 and people still believe it. But these are the same people who believe God is a super-hero and that Christian rock is real music. [WP]

* That Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book about Israel proves that Obama hates the Jews. [Politico]

* John Boehner makes visit to Iraq is as surprised to discover no one over there gives a shit about him either. [The Hill]

* Republicans may have to come up with real economic policy nobody wants to hear them babble on about tax cuts anymore. [Roll Call]


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