No, Really, We're Looking for Suggestions: It Could Even Be Along the Lines of "ElectionWatch" Editon

jack edwards Kerry takes off blue blazer to look for running mate and raise money: "We're going to raise as much as we can as fast as we can." [WP and LAT]

New Bush television spots highlight strength, safety, economic empathy with images of America at work and 9/11. The next round will "take Kerry down a couple notches," says a strategist. [WP and NYT]

Vying for California, Bush speaks about Kerry: "In fact, Senator Kerry has been in Washington long enough to take both sides on just about every issue" and "seems to be against every idea that gives Americans more authority, more choices, and more control over our own lives." [WP and LAT]

Dean spokesman, on campaigning/the textbook definition of sociopath: "You've got to get into the zone somehow, and the way you do that is by putting the reality of the situation out of your thinking, or at least in another part of your brain." [WP]

Kerry camp begins looking for running mate; could announce a selection by May. [WP and NYT]

Kerry is first presidential candidate to support full and equal protection for same-sex couples; he looks for "a prominent homosexual to serve as his conduit" to the gay community. (We will restrain the impulse to make a reference to Kerry's own giant conduit. . . er, too late.) [WP]

Kerry finds himself in "stronger political condition at this stage of the campaign than any Democratic challenger of the past two decades." McAuliffe says Democrats are energized. [WSJ]

Kerry and DNC plan to raise over $100 million by the convention. [LAT]

Edwards ends candidacy speaking highly of Kerry and remaining optimistic: "I have never loved my country more than I do today. All my life, America has smiled at me, and today I am smiling right back." [LAT and NYT]

Jim Johnson, head of Kerry's running mate selection, has been a working Democrat since age four. "He's the consummate pro. He examines things from every angle. He is the ideal Democrat to vet Democrats. He is totally objective, not terribly sentimental, and he has an unbelievable Rolodex," says Reagan's chief of staff. [LAT]

In California vote, Kerry support was strong across the board but weak among independents. [LAT]

Sharpton to announce a decision today about his political future: "I won half the black vote, and I won delegates in six Congressional districts in New York." [NYT]


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