No Revolution For Lazy, Confused Americans

liberty or whatever! - WonketteIf the new Democratic leadership is scared to death of even saying impeachment, Violent Revolution is unlikely to spice up American life any time soon.

Chuck Klosterman, the SPIN and ESPN writer who loves all shitty American trash culture except for the absolute champion shittiest American trash culture (blogs), says in the new Esquire that none of us will feed the Tree of Liberty with the Blood of Tyrants because everybody's too comfortable and confused. Maybe Chuck's right, even if his idea of a typical American is some bizarre metrosexual redneck in Idaho who owns and enjoys both shotguns and iPods while having a childlike faith in the U.S. government -- oh, and he's a middle-class white-collar homeowner (and blogger) who can be pushed to violence by The Bourne Supremacy or Neil Young.

Even a televised admission from George W. Bush himself that the 9/11 attacks were orchestrated and financed by Republican and Democratic leaders would likely just lead to the usual protests, says Chuck. Sadly, the libertarians over at pretty much agree with him. Rest easy, congresspeople!

You Say You Want a Revolution [Esquire]

The Tree of Liberty's Getting Thirsty [Reason]


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