No Sleep Til Charleston

  • Hillary Clinton faced snubs on Capitol Hill Wednesday as several uncommitted superdelegates skipped a meeting with her. However, she won Heath Shuler's superdelegate vote, and she is FIGHTING ON to West Virginia. [The Hill, New York Times]
  • The public image of Gary, Indiana suffered another blow on voting night as the nation laughed about what a bunch of buffoons they were for not counting the votes faster. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Hillary Clinton's influential bundlers are no match for Obama's small donors, who do not require audiences with the candidate or expensive lobster dinners. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of Burmese go hungry and the threat of disease spreads in Myanmar. The U.N. has at least three relief shipments waiting to be cleared by Burmese authorities, who are vile incompetents and unreconstructed douchebags. [Washington Post]
  • Zimbabwe finally released results from the election held over a month ago, showing that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai really did hold a big lead over longtime ruling thug Robert Mugabe. Naturally, suspected opposition supporters are now being harrassed, intimidated, and assaulted. [New York Times]

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