No Title, Just Tabs. Tabs, Thurs., March 19, 2020

No Title, Just Tabs. Tabs, Thurs., March 19, 2020

Clean Person Jolie Kerr says you need to do these chores to make your life better while you're homebound.

Washington Posttalks to restaurant workers.

New York Times talks to people who went on a 25-day rafting trip and came back to WHAAAAT?

Trump's Pinocchio presidency. Whoops! (WaPo)

Washington Monthly says Biden should pick Warren as his VP immediately.

Bernie calls for $2000 a month (per household) during the crisis. — Business Insider

David Lazarus at the LA Times says if we're bailing out the airlines, they have to give us back our legroom. Also the baggage fees, which I've been yelling about for a week, so he probably stole it from me, I'm guessing.

Kroger tried to bullshit Judd Legum's reporting on its paid sick leave. Legum's not buying. (

Techdirt: Some fucking assholes patent-trolling the coronavirus tests, and the valves that Italy ran out of for its fucking ventilators.

How to talk to kids about coronavirus, from my insurance company maybe? It was nice though.

Anybody wanna pick up the tab for Junior's girlfriend's party? Sorry, Trump donors already did. (NYT)

[W]hen it came to picking up the tab, hands went out to other attendees. Among them were at least four whose families are financial supporters of the president's re-election campaign, for which Ms. Guilfoyle helps lead the fund-raising. They ended up pitching in tens of thousands of dollars, passed along to Mar-a-Lago, to help pay for what two people familiar with the planning said was a $50,000 celebration of Ms. Guilfoyle's 51st birthday.

Well that's fucking disgusting.

Brainpickings gives you Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules for Writing.

And on a personal note, the baby is Donna Rose's dear friend and classmate in her nine-child preschool, he and his big brother came to her birthday party and made so much wonderful art, and I am sadder than I have ever been in my life. Don't click if you can't.

The world is awful. I love you.

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