No Word Yet on Whether GOP Call Center Staffers "Like Steamroom"

The Republicans had it all coming into the 2006 midterm elections -- a record of strong leadership, a popular president, no secret homosexuals, and, most importantly, their battle-tested Get Out the Vote operation, in place and working flawlessly since 2000. Strangely, things didn't work out so well for them, and they ended up losing both chambers of Congress. This failure was particularly rough in California, where the Republican Party is conducting an "internal audit" to see just what went wrong.

The LA Times has the story, and lots of factors are blamed in their humiliating defeat. Not mentioned, though, is the story's accompanying photo, depicting one of the legendary GOP Call Centers:


Guys, maybe the one flaw in your GOTV plan was that ten-year-olds ran it.

Well, that and the gay thing.

Republicans: What Happened? [LAT]


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